FOWM #224 Reaching Refugees in Europe

FOWM #224 Reaching Refugees in Europe

Covenant missionaries are part of international communities across Europe that welcome refugees. They help them to build a new life by caring for emotional needs related to war trauma, meeting physical needs related to lengthy procedures for seeking asylum, and equipping this new wave of immigrants with language and job skills. Our missionaries are being the hands and feet of Jesus and helping refugees have hope for the future.

With FOWM project #224, Covenant missionaries working in France, Belgium and Sweden hope to build up and expand the local churches’ efforts to welcome people as they enter this new land. The desire is that they would find hope as they build a new home. Missionaries and our ministry partners are providing many services for immigrants including counseling, tutoring, language and culture classes, job skills training and emergency care. Your generous gifts made today will give a brighter tomorrow to many immigrants as they find a new home and a new life in Christ.

Please help our Covenant Missionaries in Europe and the families they serve with a gift to this important Friends of World Mission Project #224.

Thank you for your generosity.

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