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Chic Legacy Fund

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In 1956 a legacy was born. High school age Covenanters have been gathering together triennially ever since. This legacy is best recognized as “CHIC” (“Covenant High in Christ”) by the thousands who attend and tens of thousands who have attended and continue to support this ministry.

Through the years, CHIC has been modified and diversified, innovated and revolutionized; however, a few key elements remain. The CHIC legacy is one of continued gathering for small group Bible study and devotion, large group gatherings with speakers and music, and outdoor recreation. Praise be to God, faithful throughout the ages.

What will your legacy be?

The CHIC Legacy Fund was created in 2009 as a way to guarantee that the next generation of Covenanters will be able to write their piece of the history of CHIC.

We need your support and have generated three easy ways for you to give financially toward the CHIC Legacy Fund. Your support helps to ensure that this life-changing ministry event will be offered for many generations to come through the CHIC Legacy Fund.

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