2011 Midsouth Fall Pastor's Retreat

Acts 29

Acts 29 is an International Discipleship and Leadership Development School for young adults. Acts 29 aspires to be an international multicultural mission movement of young people, whose lives have been discipled and transformed for missional leadership in the Church and in the world.

Acts 29 Core Characteristics:

  • We are a Discipleship School: We participate in the process of shaping lives in community as we follow Jesus. We do not merely impart knowledge. Young adults from different cultures learn to deal with others, including resolving conflict, while living in community
  • We are a Leadership School: We entrust young people with delegated leadership. We mentor and empower them to  become servant leaders. Young adults study the books of Mark and Acts. They are mentored by experienced multi-national young adults and taught by church leaders from around the world. Included are times of devotionals, prayer, fasting, reflection, interaction, etc.
  • We are a Mission School: We encourage young people to participate in God’s mission of reconciling all things to himself. Participants are required to practice living out their faith in local churches and with local community organizations on weekend and designated “practice weeks.”


Ecuador school = $1,500 plus flights

USA & Mexico school = $2,500 plus flights

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