2011 Midsouth Fall Pastor's Retreat

2022 Midsouth Covenant Camp

Texas Toast and the Temple of Ka-Boom

The Midsouth Covenant Camp will be held on July 31 to August 6, 2022 at Frontier Camp in Grapeland, TX.

There are limited spots available, so we will take campers first-come first-served. Only campers sending in their $50 deposit and their complete paperwork are confirmed as campers. 

*A coupon code will be emailed after the $50 deposit is paid. You can then use this code when paying for camp, reducing the registration amount.  To qualify for "Early Registration" campers will need $50 deposit and all camp paperwork submitted by June 15, 2022

*If you wish to make installment payments, please contact the Midsouth office for details.

Please note that it helps save the Midsouth Camp extra processing fees if you choose the "e-check" payment option at checkout

Contact Information 
(479) 631-1212
Camper Name
Parents Cell Phone
Parents Email
School grade this fall
  • Deposit to guarantee camp registration (Due by June 15)
  • Child M